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What's New for 2015

Q: What's New for 2015?
A: This year, we are adding a limited amount of secure and complimentary Charging Station to fans who rent a Locker.

Q: Can I charge my Phone or iPad?
A: Yes, we’ll have a Charging Station inside our Tent.  The Charging Station will have a limited number of Private Laptop Lockers, with electrical outlets, which will be available to accommodate phones, tablets, cameras, and laptops.

Private Laptop Lockers allow our customers to charge mobile technology devices in a secure environment.  They provide temporary storage while you recharge your phone, tablet, camera, or laptop, etc. for approximately an hour.  Each individual compartment locks and unlocks using its very own patron key.  The door is 4.5” High with a 13.5” Wide clear opening. The shelf is 16.5” Deep.

The Charging Station will be located inside our Tent.  There is no extra fee to recharge after you rent Any Size Locker.  We only ask that you limit use to approximately one hour, so we can share this complimentary service with as many customer as possible.  Our staff will lock up your device in a mobile charging unit, so you can head back out and enjoy Kaaboo, without baby-sitting your phone while it charges.  Sample photos of these Special Lockers are provided below.

Q: Can I get more than One Key for My Locker?
A: Only One Key is issued for Each Medium and Large sized Lockers, however, ALL Extra-Large Lockers will be equipped with Combination Locks.

We’re going to provide over one hundred Extra-Large Keyless Compartments to accommodate 4-digit Combination Pad Locks. We’re using “Set-Your-Own” combinations for customer convenience and increased security. Our staff will have an “Override” Master Key for immediate Locker access – just like the master keys we use for Key Operated Lockers.

You cannot use your own Lock. You must use the Lock provided by the Locker Company. There is no additional charge for the use of our Lock, which remains the property of the Locker Company.  A $20.00 Refundable Lock Deposit is collected when you reserve the Extra-Large Keyless Combination Locker on-line.

Here’s how it the Deposit works: PayPal charges you for the Extra-Large Keyless Combination Locker. You bring the PayPal Receipt to Locker Check-in. You receive a Pad Lock and keep it for 4 days. When you return the Lock to us you immediately receive $20 cash back. You’ll leave the Festival with $20 in your pocket – gas money for the drive home

Please email: mih@lockerlou.com if you have any questions about WHAT’S NEW FOR 2015!